How To Stop Body Odor Naturally With Baking Soda

How To Stop Body Odor Naturally With Baking Soda | Body odor is a vexing problem. Body odor can lower a person’s self-confidence when interacting with others. Before you know how to eliminate body odor, you should to know what the causes of body odor. Body odor is caused due to the human body that contain apocrine glands that are saturated with fatty acids with more viscous and oily liquids. Apocrine glands can be found in certain part of the body, especially in the hair root, such as the armpits, genitals, and in the nose. Apocrine glands are active since the puberty.

In general, the liquid that produced by the apocrine glands only are smell like fat. However, because each strand of the hair contains a bacteria that play a role in the process of decay, so the body can be odored. Body odor is a serious problem, especially in women, it becomes the most sensitive and embarrassing. Here are a few ways to eliminating the body odor:

1. By using a baking soda

You can use a baking soda to eliminate the body odor, because the baking soda can reduce the amount of sweat. So it makes the armpit keep dry, with a dry armpit, the bacteria can not to multiply. Use a baking soda on your armpits and legs.

2. By drying the body after bathing

The cause of body odor is actually caused by the mix between the perspiration and the bacteria in your body. Clean the armpit with an antiseptic soap every taking a bath. After that, dry it with a towel, tissue or a dry cloth completely, and dab an antiseptic powder on it, so the number of bacteria in your body will be reduced.

3. By using a cucumber

Because a cucumbers are capable to kill the bacteria and it is refreshing, then you can use a cucumber to get rid of body odor. Apply the cucumber slices after bath on the armpits and on other of body parts.

4. By keeping your diet
Consumption of fruits, vegetables, and drinking water can cause the sweat becomes more dilute so that the body odor is reduced. In addition you can also eat the basil leaves, or not eating a fatty foods, especially meat, avoid a spicy foods and coffee.

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